Sarah Willis

Custom Yoga Fitness

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Do you have specific fitness and wellness goals?  I create custom choreographed Yoga workouts for individuals, or small groups. I teach people to utilize Yoga practice to heal the body, tone and strengthen, bring improved flexibility and a calmer mind. I love to help women with fertility and pregnancy, I am a trained prenatal Yoga teacher. Whatever your needs, when Yoga practice is steady, the food you eat is vibrant and healthy, you will be unstoppable!

Oh, and you will be happy!



You have an established practice. You know where you're going. You want to get on the mat, breathe, flow, stretch and strengthen. We will move swiftly and precisely through a dynamic & athletic sequence, addressing alignment issues and helping to alleviate any old injuries or bad habits, and have you fixed up and ready to go in 60 minutes. 


Developed by Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his Guru, T. Krishnamacharya, Ashtanga Yoga is a practice and lifestyle. Students commit to daily practice of Yoga, learning a fixed form, part by part over time. This is a more rigorous practice, excellent for those looking for a challenge and ready to embrace daily practice.

Take a 30 day challenge!


Created by Sharon Gannon and David Life, Jivamukti Yoga is a dynamic practice, where postures are strung together in graceful sequences, and dharma teachings are woven in. Vinyasa-style practice accompanied by soulful music, meditation and chanting.


Are you trying to get pregnant? Yoga can help, and I can help! I conceived at 38 and know many women who have done so at age 40, 42, even 46! Inviting fertility is a profound and mystical journey, and it often takes subtle shifts in your lifestyle and emotional body. Sound like voodoo? It's not. TESTIMONIALS


Yoga practice can and should change when you get pregnant, and furthermore, should adapt to the very specific needs of each trimester. I am qualified to show you how to practice Yoga postures and correct breathing through your pregnancy, sessions aim to open hips and
are very nurturing!