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Yoga Glow - July 19, 20 & 21 at Satya Yoga in Rhinebeck NY

juice_image The middle of the summer is the most ideal time to cleanse. After the partying from the holidays is over, and before we head into the dog days of summer's end, why not lighten up and reaffirm your commitment to your practice and a healthy lifestyle?!

Why cleanse?

Almost every culture in the world has a custom of fasting or cleansing at least once a year. If you think about how you change the oil in your car every 3000 miles in order to clean the built up residues and plaques out of the engine to make your vehicle run more optimally, then apply the same logic to your own body when contemplating a nutritional cleanse or juice fast. Like different makes of cars, human body types have different needs vis-à-vis cleansing. Some people might benefit from longer more austere cleanses, while others might be able to hit the reset button with just a couple of days of eliminating unwholesome ingredients from their diets. We have selected a 3 day protocol for this Yoga and juicing workshop, which should be approachable to most body-types/doshas. You will only be juicing for 2 days (Saturday July 20 and Sunday July 21). We recommend preparing for the cleanse & Yoga workshop by eliminating toxic elements from your diet for at least 3 days prior.

Don't live in the Rhinebeck, NY area? Contact for information on lovely places to stay in the Hudson Valley for the weekend!

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